3 Minute Revelations: Grinderman II by Grinderman

A couple weeks ago I posted the New Music Now features I was doing for Evolution1079. They combined my joy of production with my false sense of smug superiority in telling you what you should like*, and since I've clearly failed at keeping up at full album write ups (the last one being six months ago... yipes) I figured I would keep doing these (but with a more relevant name).
There were a few albums last year that I didn't get a chance to write about, and while I won't do them all, I'll catch up on a couple of my favourites of 2010 before moving on to this year.
So what better way to start out than with one of my favourite musicians, Nick Cave.
Enjoy the inaugural edition of 3 Minute Revelations**.

Here is the Grinderman II by Grinderman


*please note blatant sarcasm.
** subtitle: Kirk Takes Three Minutes of Your Life and Awesomes It Up.