New Music Now: Eureka by Mother Mother

Regular readers (all sixteen of you) may know I am currently schooling at BCIT, in the Radio Broadcast program. In our second, and final, year we take over the station Evolution1079 and are given various jobs. For the next little while, I am doing New Music Now; a three minute feature about... well, I think it's pretty self explanatory. I will be doing six of then in the next few weeks and I figured I would share them with you here because why not.

Here is the Eureka by Mother Mother


All right. So. The thing is, I originally did six over a three week span, and this is the last of them. But I really liked doing them; it combined my love of production with my love of rambling about music and telling you what you should like. So the question is... should I continue to do these?
They would be on my own time and specifically for the blog, so I'd probably also need a new name, as New Music Now is from Evolution. Plus I'm sure I could think of something better. So far, the leading suggestion is "3 Minute Revelations Colon Subtitle Kirk Takes 3 Minutes Of Your Time and Awesomes It Up"