3 Minute Revelations: 100 Blows by Henry & The Nightcrawlers

Combining my joy of production with my false sense of smug superiority in telling you what you should like* -- and since I've clearly failed at keeping up at full album write ups (the last one being over six months ago... yipes) -- here is another instalment of 3 Minute Revelations** (which will hopefully come at a better rate than one every two and a half weeks.)

Before I get into 2011, there were a few albums last year that I didn't get a chance to write about, and while I won't do them all, I'll catch up on a couple of my favourites of 2010 before moving on. I don't think any regular readers will be surprised when I say Henry & The Nightcrawlers is one of those favourites.

Here is the 100 Blows by Henry & The Nightcrawlers 


*please note blatant sarcasm.
** subtitle: Kirk Takes Three Minutes of Your Life and Awesomes It Up.