My goal is to review every album I bought (or otherwise listened to) this year. But there are just so darn many albums, and sometimes I just don't feel like writing a full reviews. So to combat this, I have decided that I shall give a few really quick reviews all at once... in haiku form. Here we go!

Red Songs EP by Hey Rosetta!
A trio of songs
More mellow than expected
Yet still very lush

Download Who Is At My Window Weeping? (The Silver Dagger) by Hey Rosetta!

Caterpillar Sarabande by Vyvienne Long (first full length solo from cellist for Damien Rice)
Classically trained
Incredibly talented
Inventive and rich

Download Tactless Questions by Vyvienne Long

All In Good Time by Barenaked Ladies (first album after Steven Page left)
Quite interesting
Just not the same without Page
Still a good album

Download Four Seconds by Barenaked Ladies