Free Mumford & Sons mini-show in Yaletown -- 05/30/10

To call that "epic" may be slightly underselling it. After the Mumford & Sons show at 560 tonight sold out in minutes, it left many people (including me) in the lurch. Luckily, there is a pretty awesome radio station called The Peak that put on a secret show earlier in the afternoon. Only revealing the time and location two hours before it started didn't stop hundreds, if not thousands to pack Hamilton St. in Yaletown for the free show. As they came out to thunderous applause, they were visibly taken aback by the turnout; maybe even a little embarrassed. Part way through lead singer Marcus Mumford admitted they never expected anything even close to this, and promised to be back soon.

Even though they played a short set, I don't think there was a person there who wasn't blown away. Starting with "The Cave", and while the whole band is pretty impressive, but the Mumford sticks out, as he not only sings & plays guitar, but mans a kick-drum as well. Now that's multi-tasking. After "Awake My Soul", they announced their next song would be the last, and launched into "Little Lion Man", but mere moments in, Mumford broke not one but TWO strings on his guitar. So after a swap, they decided to throw in an extra song, a new one called "Nothing Is Real" (I think). Then the ended, for real, with "Little Lion Man" and damn near every single person there was singing along, at least to the chorus. Their rich sound came across beautifully, and if they can pull this off for an impromptu show on a sidewalk, I can't imagine what they will sound like tonight.

Do I still wish I were going to the show tonight? Absolutely. But even with four songs, this was still pretty fantastic, and it's great that Vancouver has a station like The Peak that will put together this type of thing.