random top six

Time for another Random Top 6 list! Here's the deal: every week whenever I feel like it, I will choose a random category and select the top 6 songs fitting that criteria.
Yipes, it's been a while since I've done one. As I might have possibly mentioned here before, my favouritest musician in the history of ever is Matthew Good. And he has a new album coming out ON TUESDAY! so I have been excited and in Matt Good Mode for the last few days. To celebrate that, and to celebrate the fact that one of my favourite albums of all time, Beautiful Midnight, came out TEN YEARS (and a couple weeks) AGO, I have put together a top six consisting of some of my favourite Matthew Good (Band) songs. Not my definitive top six... I don't think I could ever pick that. But these are some of my favourites.

Top Six Matthew Good Songs
in chronological order

Download Heather's Like Sunday by Matthew Good from Euphony (demo tape)

Download Fearless by Matthew Good Band from Last of the Ghetto Astronauts

Download Prime Time Deliverance by Matthew Good Band from Underdogs

Download Running For Home by Matthew Good Band from Beautiful Midnight

Download Near Fantastica by Matthew Good from Avalanche

Download Champions of Nothing by Matthew Good from Hospital Music

Dear lord, that was difficult.

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