random top six

Time for another Random Top 6 list! Here's the deal: every week whenever I feel like it, I will choose a random category and select the top 6 songs fitting that criteria. Today I have chosen cover songs. It was hard to slim it down to just six, as there are a ton of great cover songs out there, and I'm not saying these are the six best of all time ever... but here is the Top 6 Cover Songs of the Time Being. Even though not all of them are new. I just pretty much chose six nifty ones that people may not have heard. Everyone knows Johnny Cash's Hurt is the best cover ever anyway. And before we get into it, if anyone has suggestions to future top six lists, let me know. I'm all ears.
Oh, and also, some of these are live, so may not have the best quality. But all are completely listenable. I have also included links to youtubes of the originals.

Top six cover songs
in no particular order

download Your Ex-Lover Is Dead by Ben Gibbard (Stars cover)

download You Can Call Me Al by Sam Roberts (Paul Simon cover)

download Take On Me by A.C. Newman (A-Ha cover)

download Power of Love by Final Fantasy (Celine Dion cover)

download Dirrty-licious by Keane (Christina Aguilera + Destiny's Child cover[s])

download Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots by Vyvienne Long (The Flaming Lips cover)