Preview: Live at Squamish 2011

Holy crap, you guys. Did you realise it is only TWO days until Live at Squamish? Remember all the fun times last year? If not, just give here a little click to be transported back in time to almost a year ago for my bloggery about the inaugural festival.

As for this year... well, it might just have the potential to top this year.

Let's start with the bands across the two main stages, shall we? We have Metric (both a full set and an acoustic set by Haines & Shaw). The Zolas. Bend Sinister. Weezer. John Butler Trio. Shad. Black Mountain. Stars. Brasstronaut. The Dudes. Kyprios. Girl Talk. The Belle Game. Hey Ocean. And a whole bunch more; I know I am forgetting some. That's a lot of amazing acts,
and luckily, there are not even that many conflicts! Just take a look at this handy schedule.

But it doesn't end there! They'll also have all sorts of other fun things, like a silent disco. What is a silent disco, you ask? Well, it's pretty much that it sounds like. You go in to the discothèque, pop on a pair of headphones and dance your ass off. As well as that, there will also be a barber shop, of all things, where you can get your hair cut by the one and only Rich Hope

And one thing I am definitely looking forward to, the Green Couch Sessions stage. The fine folks will be bringing the emerald sofa up to Squamish, and will them some great Vancouver acts like Rococode, The Matinee, Redgy Blackout, Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party, Portage and Main, Redbird, Ali Milner and a few others.

AND! The festival will also see the debut of Panda Watch. I can't say why, but I have a strong feeling that it'll be better for you to catch them. I just have a hunch, in my heart, that you will be cursing yourself if you miss their set.

If you're kicking yourself for not going, well, don't fret; it's not too late. Tickets are still available (or if you look around the interwebs you might just be able to find a contest or giveaway or two). Just head on over to the website for everything you need to know about the festival.

Hope to see you there...