Help The Ruffled Feathers.

The Ruffled Feathers need your help. The Vancouver band recently went down to Oregon to record their new album, Oracles, and now that they're back, they need a little bit in the way of financial support.
Most of the aspects about the album -- the recording, mastering, CD printing, and artwork -- are being funded by the band themselves, from previous album sales and shows. But they need help in one key element: the mixing.

In order to get the album professionally mixed, they've started a Kickstarter Project where you can donate as much as you'd like to help them out. And like PBS, they are also giving away various levels of goodies for donating. From an early digital download of the album to your name in the liner notes to a commissioned song and more, they're asking for donations from as little as a dollar in the next month to help reach their goal of $3,500.

So head on over here and throw them a buck or two. Or ten. Or fifty.
They'll also be at the Biltmore this Saturday, if you want to check them out live. I can't speak for the band, but I am pretty confident in saying Andrew Lee will hug each and every person that shows up.