Skye Wallace w/ David Newberry @ Rickshaw Theatre -- 06/26/16

Sometimes you just have to go to a venue you don't like to see a couple musicians you do. Skye Wallace and David Newberry just finished touring the country, bringing things back to Vancouver for a show at the Rickshaw. 

I missed the first set of the night, from Wishkicker, arriving shortly before David Newberry hit the stage. He opened with "We Were Honest Once", the first song off his latest album Replacement Things. His folk-bent indie rock filled the theatre, with highlights of the set included the driving rock and pleading chorus of "Coyote", and the upbeat "Aftermath".
Part way through the set, most of the band took a break as David was accompanied only by Nathan Shubert on keyboard, as he perched on the edge of the stage, pouring his heart out for the beautiful "Freddie Murcury". It wasn't long after that before he closed with an older song, "Easter", from his cheerfully named album No One Will Remember You.

Joined by a solid backing band including Wynston Minckler, Alex Hauka, and Kenton Loewen (who was also drumming for Newberry), Skye Wallace rocked the set open with "Guiltiest Hymn" which I think (hope) is on her upcoming album Something Wicked due out in the fall. The uproarious song, along with the next one "Ain't It Hell", gave credence to Skye's nickname as the Queen of Dark Folk
Skye also brought up a couple special guests during the set; first Jody "Miss Quincy" Peck on guitar for a couple of songs, including my favourite of the set, the frantic bluesy "Blood Moon". And then later in the set, violinist Devon Kroeger hopped on stage to add some strings to songs like the haunting cover of Timber Timbre's "Lay Down In The Tall Grass". 
As the set drew to an end, Skye closed with "Klondike" a song that built to a soaring ending, followed by "Scarlet Fever", which she prefaced as being "part two" to the song. It was a nice one-two punch to end off the night. 

I've been to a few shows recently with a strong pairing of musicians, and I can't think of many better ways to spend a Sunday evening than watching Skye Wallace and David Newberry performing.