Franz Ferdinand @ Commodore -- 08/08/12

It's been three long years since I last saw Glasgow's Franz Ferdinand live, so I was more than a little excited when they announced a show... but then heartbroken when it sold out before I could get tickets. However, at the last minute, thanks to the power of Twitter -- and Alex Kapranos being an swell guy -- I managed to secure a ticket all was right with the world. 

I got there just as the opener, Carnivores was wrapping up their last song and it was not long after that that the lights dimmed and some grandiose introduction music played for Franz Ferdinand to take the stage. They immediately launched into one of my favourite songs of theirs, "The Dark of the Matinée" from their self-titled debut album, and blew the roof off the Commodore for the next hour and a half.
Right off the bat, Kapranos had the crowd right in his palm, dancing & strutting around the stage, chatting & joking between songs, and getting everyone to clap & sing along with no more than a gesture. He had the sold out crowd singing along several times, most notably when he backed off the mic during "Walk Away", "This Fire" and, of course, everyone yelling "Take Me Out"
Along with the familiar, there were also a few new songs sprinkled throughout the set, including one possibly called "Right Thoughts! Right Words! Right Actions!" which was distinctly Franz with an incredibly danceable guitar lick, and a frantically energetic song named "Trees & Animals"
After they wrapped up the main set with "This Fire", they were back for the obvious encore with another new song, "Scarlet Blue", and wrapped up the night with "Outsiders", which built to the mother of all percussion breakdowns, as the four members crowded around the single drum kit to pound away.

The show reminded me why they’re among my favourite live bands, and while there has been no official announcement (yet), hopefully this string of shows -- and new songs -- indicated their fourth studio album is on the way.

The Dark of the Matinée, No You Girls, Tell Her Tonight, Walk Away, Right Thoughts! Right Words! Right Actions![?], Michael, Do You Want To, Brief Encounters, The Fallen, Can't Stop Feeling, Take Me Out, Ulysses, Trees & Animals[?], This Fire.
(encore) Scarlet Blue[?], Darts of Pleasure, Outsiders.