The Matinée @ Commodore -- 04/04/12

With festival season fast approaching, we're starting to get a glimpse of what is going on and who will be where. The other day Live at Squamish had a big party at the Commodore with The Matinée and Current Swell to unveil who will be joining them on August 24th through 26th up at the Logger Sports Grounds and Hendrickson Fields.

The Matinée was up first, drawing everyone into in immediately by getting the growing crowd to stop and clap along to "L'Absinthe", building up an energy that would just build throughout the set. As well as older favourites like the interminably catchy "Let Her Go" and the great sing along "Sweetwater", they teased a new album with some new songs, including my favourite "ScooterFruit" (thankfully a working title) that explodes into massive ending, with the band rocking out and some great shredding from Matt Rose & intense drums from Pete Lemon. The other stand-out new track was called "Young and Lazy", that instantly grabs you, with a classic roots-rock feel that will no doubt be a huge song for them. I'm calling it now: if it's released as a single in time, it'll be the song of the summer.
They ended off, as they do, with "The Road", including the great breakdown which had every member pounding away on the drums, and the entire room stomping along. As usual, it was a great, high energy show from the band, and I already can't wait to see them on the big stage in Squamish.

Unfortunately, I had to skip out on Current Swell, and the lineup unveiling, due to another show (seriously, it seemed like everything was happening Wednesday night), but the lineup looks like it is coming along nicely; Tragically Hip and City and Colour are the big headliners, which I think is a good pair (even if I'm not that big a fan of City & Colour) and it's got a pretty solid lineup all around. Some bands I am definitely looking forward to include Plants & Animals, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Kathleen Edwards, Mother Mother, and local favourites like Rococode, Maurice, Wake! Owl and The Matinée. They've also got The Sheepdogs, Lights, Chromeo, The Airbourne Toxic Event, and more rounding out the lineup, promising that there will be at least one or two bands for everyone.
It's a pretty good lineup overall, but I think they need at least one more bigger "name" as a draw. But don't get me wrong, I will definitely be heading up there for the weekend, as the last two years up there have been an absolute blast.