Kathleen Edwards w/ Hannah Georgas @ Commodore -- 04/06/12

The first (and as of last week, only) time I had seen Kathleen Edwards was during the Olympic festivities two years ago, and while I had liked her music prior, it was her after seeing her live show when I really started being a fan. So after two long years, I wasn't going to miss the chance to see her again. And then having Gorgeous Hannah Georgas as both her opening act and on backup vocals, well, that was just the proverbial icing on the musical cake.

For her opening set, Hannah Georgas was only backed by Ted Gowan on guitar and keys, and a drum machine. The set was a little softer and more subdued, just being the two of them, but Hannah still had a great energy. She teased her forthcoming album with almost an entire set of new songs, and I can't wait to hear them with a full band. One of the ones that caught my attention most, after the soft  an gorgeous "Shine", was a higher energy song, "Fantasize" (according to the setlist).
After an all-too-short set, she brought it to an end by inviting Kathleen Edwards and Jim Bryson out to assist with backup vocals and ukulele, respectively, for "Deep End"

Elephant, Somebody, Chit Chat, Waiting, Enemies, Millions, Shine, Fantasize, Deep end.

Not long after, Kathleen Edwards hit the stage with a band that included Hannah on backup vocals and Jim Bryson on guitar and keys. She kicked off with the opener of her new album Voyageur, "Empty Threat" for an hour and a half set that spanned all four albums. Some of the highlights included "Goodnight California" seeing Kathleen break out the violin and built into an amazing jam ending, and "In State" which gave Bryson a chance to show off his chops, rocking out so hard his glasses literally flew off his face. 
Mid-way through the set, the band took a rest, leaving Kathleen alone for the soft "Hockey Skates", before they came back out with a beautiful cover of The Flaming Lips' "Feeling Yourself Disintegrate". They ramped the energy back up with "Sidecar" and "Back To You" before ended with the main set with the heartbreaking breakup song, "Change the Sheets".
But of course back out, ending off the night with the older "6 O'Clock News" and a couple more, with Kathleen adding how deeply grateful she was to be playing for a packed Commodore.
Edwards has a great energy and presence on stage, with a great gift of connecting with the crowd. Her banter and stories between songs are funny, yet the songs are so personal that you almost can't help but be moved, as she is just dripping with raw emotion at times.

While there were a couple songs I missed from the setlist, that I was hoping to hear, it was still a great show from a couple of Canada's best female singer/songwriters.

Empty Threat, Chameleon/Comedian, Asking for Flowers, House Full of Empty Rooms, Goodnight California, In State, 12 Bellevue, Hockey Skates, Feel Yourself Disintegrate [Flaming Lips cover], Going To Hell, Sidecar, Back to You, A Soft Place to Land, Change The Sheets.
(encore) 6 O'Clock News, For The Record, September Girls.