Sigur Rós: Inni

Despite the fact that I go to many, many live shows, I have never been all that into live recordings; either audio or video. Unless I was there, at the show being recorded, it just seems... disconnect.
That being said, regular readers (all 13 of you) know that Sigur Rós is one of my favourite bands, and their live show is one of the best I have ever seen, so when given the opportunity to see their new concert film, Inni at the Vancouver International Film Festival, there was no power in the 'verse that could stop me.

The film was recorded at London's Alexandra Palace in 2008 and while interspersed with some clips -- them on tour, old interviews and a show that looks like them in a very small venue -- it focuses mostly on the show. Clocking in at a little over an hour, the film is magnificently shot, directed by Vincent Morisset (who also did Arcade Fire's Miroir Noir) and does a great job of capturing the beauty and grandeur of the band live.

The song selection is a cross section of their work, going back to Ágætis Byrjun with "Ný batterí" and "Svefn-G-Englar" to "Sæglópur" from Takk... and "Inní mér syngur vitleysingur" from Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust all being incredible recordings, each being so perfect that it's hard to believe they were all from the same show. The film came to an end as Sigur Rós shows often did with "Popplagið" -- "Untitled #8" from ( ) -- which climaxed with a breathtaking... no, you know what? You'll have to watch it for yourself.

If you are already a fan, it is pretty much required viewing and if you are not, you will be after seeing Inni.
The DVD, CD, vinyl, blu-ray and a super-fancy special edition are all available now for preorder, and below is a little taste of what you'll get.

Sigur Rós: Festival (Live) from Sigur Rós on Vimeo.