Hollerado @ Venue -- 09/21/11

A busy week of concerts continues at Venue for Hollerado. I really liked when I first saw them at Live at Squamish last year, but haven't had the chance to see since, so I was definitely going to be there to see them.
And also, how awesome is that poster?

I only caught the last couple songs of the first band, Wildlife, and they seemed like a pretty good fit to open for Hollerado. A pretty straightforward -- if generic -- rock sound, with pretty god energy from the band. Especially the drummer, who picked up his cymbal stand to bash it at the end of the last song.

Next up was Young Rival, who were also straight up rock, but with a bit of a 50s throwback feel to them. They also had a good energy with a fun set, if not much variation to their songs. I enjoyed them, and would probably see them again given the chance, but am not really in any rush to.

And then it was time for Hollerado, who hit the stage with huge energy, launching in to "Juliette" early on, which got everyone on the floor jumping and singing along. There were a few new songs in their set, too, which sounded exactly what you'd expect from the band. Other highlights from the incredibly fun set were "Got To Lose" and "Do The Doot Da Doot Doo", which ended the set with with Menno first hanging the mic over the crowd for people to sing along, and then getting down into the crowd himself. They also had some great banter and joking around between songs -- comparing Toronto's pizza to Vancouver's... more notable exports.
They put on an incredibly fun set, with a fantastic energy; especially Jake Boyd, who was a maniac on the drums.
After the main set they came back out for one last song, and one last sing-along, a cover of Young's "Rockin' In The Free World". With confetti cannons and an incredibly fun live show, Hollerado definitely delivers live and made for a great Wednesday night.