Minto with White Ash Falls @ Biltmore -- 08/10/11

I have to admit, this show wasn't on my radar at all. But when I found out a bit about White Ash Falls, and that it was only $2. why not, right?

The aforementioned White Ash Falls was up first. It's the solo project of Red Cedar's Andy Bishop, but "solo" was a little misleading, as there was seven other people up on stage with him, including Brendan Scott & Graham Jones from Yukon Blonde on guitar & drums, respectively, and Matt Kelly from Treelines on slide guitar, as well as some keys and even a violin. The band had an alt-country sound going, but weren't afraid to rock out once in a while. And even though there was a staged packed with musicians, they still had somewhat of a simple sound,
They were really fun to watch, and I would definitely think of catching them next time they play.

Library was up next -- also joined by Brendan Scott and another Yukon Blonde member, Jeff Innes on bass -- and they were pretty middle of the road rock. They didn't have too much by way of energy or stage presence either, and were just pretty generic all around. Nothing terrible, but nothing all that good or memorable.

Wrapping up the night was Minto, who had almost a prog/folk sound, they had an awesome energy and were incredibly fun to watch. With smoke filling the stage throughout the set, they combined gang-vocal harmonies and tight musicianship to put on a heck of a good show.

I'm glad I ended up going, because I ended up really enjoying both White Ash Falls and Minto. All in all, two dollars very well spent.