Hey Rosetta! @ Peak Performance Lounge -- 07/15/11

Since The Peak began having shows in their performance lounge, I have wanted to go, but just never had the chance (they're all win-to-get-in). But earlier today Hey Rosetta! dropped by and I was lucky enough to be able to go. It was an intimate, acoustic show in the lounge with about 50 or so people, and sofas arranged for comfortable viewing. (But also stool-chairs for slightly less than comfortable viewing).

The band played a handful of songs, and even stripped down they managed to pack a powerful punch of emotion to the songs. They played a few of their slower songs, starting with "Bandages" and also the absolutely beautiful "Red Song", one of my favourites of theirs that I don't think I've seen them play live. But they also managed to rock out with "Welcome", and they ended the set announcing they were going to do a cover -- I was hoping it would be "Time After Time" like earlier this year, but it ended up being "Do What You Can Do" by The Constantines.

It was a short, but still great show, and I was glad I was able to catch them since I will miss them tonight (they're playing Deer Lake Park with The Tragically Hip, while I will be enjoying Joel Plaskett Emergency at the Folk Fest.)

Bandages, Young Glass, Red Heart, Red Song, Welcome, Do What You Can Do [Constantines cover].