David Vertesi w/ Steph Macpherson @ Railway -- 07/06/11

Going to a lot of shows -- especially a lot of local acts -- means that you are bound to see some people multiple times. David Vertesi and Steph Macpherson are both among my "most seen" so far this year, but that didn't stop me from wanting to see them together at the Railway.

There was a little bit of déjà vu as Steph Macpherson took the stage first. She was again joined by Savannah Leigh Wellman on backup vocals, but unlike her show there two weeks prior, she did not have a full band, rather just another guitar player. As a side note, I think every time I have seen Steph perform, it has been with a different configuration of musicians.
Not unexpectedly, it was a good set, with the new songs sounded great, especially the incredibly infectious "Summer Song", and definitely had me interested in what was to come. Steph also kept crowd involved, clapping along to "Summer Song" and providing stomps and snaps to "Something In You"

Toronto's Megan Bonnell was up next, Just her at the piano, with a drummer occasionally backing her up. Her music was enjoyable, if a little bit similar-y at times, but it was her voice that kind of bugged me. It was a strong voice, but has a little bit of a Bjork-thing going on, which I have never really been a fan of. But that aside, she was quite good, with a nice intensity and passion while playing, and I quite liked her set nonetheless.

David Vertesi rounded out the night, started with a low and soft, but intense new song and then launching into the undeniably catchy "Mountainside". He had a full band with him, and while I've liked his solo sets, the full band just gives him the chance to cut loose. His set was mostly songs off his album Cardiography, which is a collection of great, emotional songs with David's smooth baritone that definitely broke some hearts (or people).
Vertesi's also joked with the crowd a bunch, coming up with an "Indie Rock Band" game highlighting the "glamorous" life it would simulate, and talked about beating Zelda and feeling nostalgic, before launching in to a cover of "Say You'll Be There". That's right, Spice Girls. And it was a pretty great cover, spurring a group of girls up front for a spontaneous dance party.

It was a great set by Vertesi, and a solid night of music overall.

[New Song], Mountainside, Broadcasting, All Night All Night All Night, Learn To Run, Caroline! A Ghost!, Say You'll Be There [Spice Girls cover], Cardiography, Soft Skin, Gentlemen Say.