That's right, they're back, by popular demand!! My goal is to review every album I bought (or otherwise listened to) this year. However there are just so darn many albums, and sometimes I just don't feel like writing a full reviews. So to combat this, I have decided that I shall give a few really quick reviews all at once... in haiku form. Here we go!

Honeymoon Punch by Jenn Grant
At times beautiful
Not afraid to kick some ass
As strong as her voice

Download Parliament of Owls

Waitin' and Seein' by Carmen Townsend
Thunderous blues rock
Outdone by intense vocals
Passionate lyrics

Download Without My Love

20 Odd Years by Buck 65
Career summation
As eclectic as ever
With guest stars galore

Download Stop (f. Hannah Georgas)
I also highly enjoy "Zombie Delight", especially the video, which you can should watch here.