Mother Mother w/ Brasstronaut @ Vogue -- 05/04/11

Surprisingly, I had never seen Mother Mother headlining a show of their own. Of the handful of times I had seen them, it was always opening for someone or at a festival or something. So I was eager to catch their first of two sold out shows. The second is at the Commodore tonight (with the excellent Rococode opening), but last night was an all ages at the Vogue, with another band who is great live, and I haven't seen a while.

The first time I ever saw Brasstronaut, I knew I wanted to see them in a soft-seat theatre venue. I don't know why, it just seemed really appropriate. So I was definitely excited to see them opening. They played a decent length set, with (I think) a couple new songs; one I didn't get the name of and one possibly called "Prozak". Both were great, keeping with the bands rich and lush sound -- a sound that I am always impressed by, especially live. Among the older songs, "Six Toes" and "Requiem For a Scene" both sounded as great as usual, and they ended with one of my favourite songs of last year, "Hearts Trompet". It built until a grandiose climax, and as it ended, the members of the band left one by one until all that was left was Edo on keys and Brennan exploding on drums.

[new song?], Six Toes, Hands Behind, Requiem for a Scene, Prozak[?], Slow Knots, Hearts Trompet.

Shortly after (love those curfewed shows) Mother Mother hit the stage to piercing screams, kicking off with a couple older songs before getting into the new album, which made up the bulk of the set. The band had a fantastic energy and presence on stage, somehow managing to engage every single person in the sold out Vogue. And they seemed genuinely blown away from the support of the fans, with Ryan mentioned a couple of times how overwhelming it was to see everyone there.
The songs from the new album sounded great live, with highlights including the raucous "Problems", the almost eerie "Born in a Flash" and of course, "The Stand", which was one of the many songs to get recognition applause and have everyone singing along; a sold out crowd yelling "everybody's fucked and they don't even know". That led seamlessly into "Body of Years", which included a bit of Pixies slipped in, with "Gauge Away" -- appropriate, as Ryan and Jasmine covered the Pixies at One Night Stand, and since they were playing a show of their own across the street -- and the set ended with "Calm Me Down", a perfect song to go out on.
Though they were back for the customary encore, the whole crowd singing along to "Arms Tonight" and ending with an older one, "Verbatim", once more thanking everyone profusely for coming.

It was definitely the best show I have seen Mother Mother put on -- and probably the best for Brasstronaut as well -- for a great all around package of a show.

Ball Cap, Oh My Heart, Original Spin, Problems, Simply Simple, Oleander, Born in a Flash, Ghosting, Getaway, Baby Don't Dance, Polynesia, Chasing It Down, Angry Sea, The Stand, Body of Years (w/ Gauge Away Pixies cover), Hayloft, Wrecking Ball, Calm Me Down.
(encore) Arms Tonight, Verbatim.