The Zolas @ Club 560 -- 01/17/11

Last night was the opening festivities of the Push Festival at Club 560, and part of the celebration included The Zolas playing a set.

They kicked off the set, as they usually do, with "You're Too Cool" and went through most of the songs from Tic Toc Tic. There were a few new songs thrown in, including "Guest", which never fails to get stuck in my head, and the seasonal "Snow".  They also played, and I think debuted, a brand new song "Strange Girl" (here is a middling-quality cell phone video of it).
The whole band seemed to be even more energetic than normal, especially Zach, who was running and dancing around on stage; perhaps because it was a decent sized stage and their setup was pretty minimal, leaving lots of extra room -- room used by Zach and Henry to roam, dance or jump around the stage. (Tom and Ajay couldn't really go anywhere). Going to the opposite, the calm "These Days" had Zach kneeling or crouching down for most of the song. It's weird when something as small as that adds so much to the song, giving it more emotion and personality.

The usual closer "Cab Driver" brought the set to an end, and thought I've seen it a few times, I realised that it is probably one of my favourite songs to see performed live -- it's just so explosive and a fantastic way to end a set, always somehow managing to top an already dynamic set.

And if I can digress for a moment, as for the venue itself; it is a really good place to see a show, but someone has definitely dropped the ball on what was supposed to be the new Richard's on Richards. Since their opening in April last year, this is only the third show I've seen there -- and it wasn't even really a concert, but an event that happened to have a band. I guess they have been doing other things with the space, but it was billed as an awesome new live music venue, and has really... not been.