The Trews @ Vogue -- 11/06/10

When I first heard The Trews were doing an acoustic album and shows, I was a little wary of how it would sound. Turns out I was foolish to doubt them, as their album was pretty great and the show at the Rio last year was outstanding. So when I found out they were coming again, I couldn't pass it up.

Opening act was Tim Chaisson, who intrigued me when he mentioned he had worked with Joel Plaskett and Gordie Johnson, then won me over with a pretty good cover of "All Hell For A Basement". From PEI, he was out with just another guy on guitar, and had a very east coast sound, especially when he broke out the fiddle to do some standards. I would be interested to see if his regular stuff is the same acoustic tone that he had, or if he was just playing acoustic for the tour. I didn't get a chance to pick up his album, but I'll definitely have to keep an eye ear out for him in the future.

The Trews took the stage, on stools, promising a more low-key show; but even The Trews low-key and acoustic is pretty rocking. "Sing Your Heart Out" got things going, and they played songs from all over their three albums, even ones that are not on their acoustic Friends & Total Strangers. They played two sets, the first consisted of just the four of them and included some great songs like "Every Inambition", and a new song, "One By One". More than a couple songs has everyone sing/yelling along and when they ended with "Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me", on my my favourites, they turned the mic over to the crowd for the chorus.
At the beginning of the set, they tossed out a couple balloons to go around, which lasted longer here than in any other city, according to Colin. Though he seemed to be getting mildly annoyed that they kept coming on stage instead of staying in the crowd.
After a short break they brought out Jeff Heisholt on accordion, as well as Tim Chaisson and the other guy who played with Tim for some support. That set started with the great "Can't Stop Laughing" and topped the energy of the first set. "Yearning" included a great breakdown by the amazingly talented John-Angus on guitar and Tim Chaisson on the fiddle, and after the salute to the troops song, "Highway of Heroes", they pulled out another now one, "Love Is A Real Thing". The new songs were really good, and I'm curious to see what they'll be like fully electric. At one point, Colin was handed a card (from Canadian Tire) that said it was someones birthday, so they sang for her, with most of the crowd joining in. After another sing along for "Not Ready To Go", they brought the second set to a close with another one of my favourites, "Ishmael & Maggie"
But of course, they came back out for the encore with another new song, "You've Got To Let Me In", a cover of Faces' "Oh La La" and then tore the place down with "Hold Me In Your Arms", with a little bit of Zeppelin slipped in.

I've seen The Trews about a half dozen times live now, and even acoustic, they are full of such raw energy and put on an amazing show. After their acoustic show last year, I wasn't sure if they would be playing any more, but I am glad that they decided to keep going with it.

Sing Your Heart Out, So She's Leaving, Every Inambition, Den Of Thieves, Paranoid Freak, Tired of Waiting, The Love You Save, Fleeting Trust, One By One, Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me.
Can't Stop Laughing, When You Leave, Travelling Kind, Yearning, Highway of Heroes, Love Is A Real Thing, Man Of Two Minds, (Happy Birthday), Not Ready To Go, Ishmael & Maggie.
[encore] You've Got To Let Me In, Oh La La (Faces cover), Hold Me In Your Arms (w/ When The Levee Breaks).