This Is Good by Hannah Georgas

I don't know what it is about Vancouver, but it seems like an abundance of musical talent has popped up in the last few years. It's not like there has been a dearth of talented people from here, but it just seems like the last little while, a huge pool of talent has formed. Case in point, Hannah Georgas (even though she is originally from Ontario, which we forgive her for). After last years stellar EP, The Beat Stuff, she is back with This Is Good, her debut full length. Produced by Ryan Guldemond (of Mother Mother, who also plays on the album) and Howard Redekopp (who has done a crap load of great albums from excellent artists), there is certainly no lack of creative force behind the album.

The punchy "Chit Chat" opens the album, and sets a good tone for what you're in for. While never crossing the line into Morisette-esque bitterness, when she acerbically spits out "is it just that you like to hear yourself speak?" you know she isn't afraid to say what's on her mind. Or wear her heart on her sleeve, for that matter, as seen with the fantastic harmonies on the revealing "Lovesick". Electro-pop infused "Dancefloor" was, as the title implies, made for dancing and it's impossible not to at least bop along to. The album doesn't stop its twists and turns, with the lush and encouraging "The Deep End" showing off Georgas' talent at arrangements and layering sounds. Her sharp tongue returns in both "Lovers Breakdown" -- "winners lose and lovers break down" -- and "Thick Skin", an eerie song, full haunting strings that builds to a dramatic crescendo (with an interesting video). A great one-two punch follows, with the more straightforward, but catchy "This Is Good" leading into the even catchier "Bang Bang You're Dead", bringing back a little synth for a great sing-a-long track. The album then brings things down for a bit with two slower songs; "Your Ghost" features more harmonies and lush arrangements, and has perhaps grown to become my favourite off the album, and the most [heartbreakingly] beautiful song on the album, "Shine". And to wrap things up, a song that is completely out of left field, in the best way possible. "Something for You" sounds like it was taken right out of a 50s jazz club. It is quirky, fun, a perfect way to end an album, and it is impossible not to listen to with a big grin on your face... and maybe even fall in love a little with Ms Georgas.

I'm always wary when an artist puts out an excellent EP because I've found it can sometimes be followed up with a sub-par full length; the same amount of awesome, spread out in twice the length, watered down with mediocre. But that was definitely not the case here. It was long-listed for the Polaris for good reason (and probably even deserved to be short listed) as it is an excellent debut. And I can't wait to see where she goes from here.

(Also, I am somewhat proud of making it through the review without making the obvious [and overused] "This is Good" pun!)

Download The Deep End

Download Your Ghost

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