My goal is to review every album I bought (or otherwise listened to) this year. But there are just so darn many albums, and sometimes I just don't feel like writing a full reviews. So to combat this, I have decided that I shall give a few really quick reviews all at once... in haiku form. Here we go!

Straight Line by Christina Maria

Great debut album
Vancouver's finest help out*
But a little short
*among the people helping out on the album: Ali Siadat, Hannah Georgas, Shaun Verreault, Megan Bradfield, and Ryan Guldemond & Ryan Dahle, both of which also did some producing/engineering/mixing.

Download Kind Friend

Latin by Holy Fuck
Everything done "live"
Cowboy Cat does it again
Superb follow up

Download Stilettos

Meat by Hawksley Workman
A great range of songs
As eclectic as ever
One great songwriter

Download We'll Make Time