Owen Pallett @ The Vogue -- 05/09/10

I don't know how it happened, but this last week has been amazing, concert-wise. Ending the four-shows-in-five-days was Owen Pallett, a show I have been looking forward to since he had to cancel his show back in September.

Being another curfew show, the opening act came out a little after 8. Snowblink consisted of Daniela Gesundheit and Dan Misha Goldman, both on guitar but they had a few other instruments around. Like a rope with bells tied to it that they passed out to some people in the front row to help out. They had a kind of typical indie-folk-pop sound, one that was perfect to open for Owen Pallett, but it wasn't generic or cliché. They pulled it off really well, and Gesundheit had a really nice voice. There was also a nervous charm about them when talking to the crowd, at first at least; by the end they were joking with us, even throwing an impromptu raffle when they found out the show was assigned seating. Among their own songs was also slipped in a cover of "Human Nature" by Micheal Jackson, and by the end of the set, I was left wishing I had enough money to pick up their album. I just hope they're back again soon.
And yes, those are antlers on her guitar in that picture.

And then at around 9, Owen Pallett hit the stage. Sadly, there was no overhead projector, like some of his past shows, but he more that made up for it with his amazing music. Most of the set he was out there alone, with his violin (and sometimes keyboard) but for a few (mostly the newer ones) he was joined by Thomas Gill on guitar and drums. And even with one other, it is incredibly impressive what he can do alone, through the use of his looping. There were times where you would have sworn there was a whole orchestra of people on stage, but nope, it's just Owen.
He played mostly from the new album, Heartland, but of course there were of course some older ones, too. "This is the Dream of Win & Regine" was pretty incredible, as was "Many Lives -> 49 MP", but the new material was where he really shone. "Midnight Directives", featuring his rapid plucking and dense, building crescendo. And the set-ending "Lewis Takes Off His Shirt" was simple amazing, just going crazy by the end of it. He also, as he usually does, slipped in a cover song. This time was "Interview" by Simon Bookish.
The encore was just a couple more, including "This Lamb Sells Condos" before leaving the packed Vogue in awe.
I have seen him twice before, but those were both back in 2007, so I am incredibly glad I had the chance to see him again. He is one of the most interesting and talented live acts I've seen.

Again, I tried to take a few videos, via uStream during the night, so here is "This Lamb Sells Condos". It's a little dark, but it's still good.
I also have half of "Win & Regine".
They're not the best quality, but not too terrible either. The audio is okay, and that's all that matters, really.