Favourite albums of 2009 (part the first)

It's only a little late, but I finally got caught up on my backlog of albums from 2009 I wanted to review; I think I did just about every new album I picked up during 09 -- which was over 50! -- so now I might as well post my favourite twenty albums. And yes, that is "favourite", not "best", so while something may be technically "better", these were the ones I liked the most. Also, they are in order of release date, as I am terrible at numbering/ordering things.
Were I a more organized person, I would have sat down this long weekend and listened to all 20 albums and come up with something new and exciting to say for each, but with my laziness school term coming to a close, I just didn't have the time, sadly. But I have given quick thoughts about each one, as well as included links to all the previous reviews I did on the albums, which are still as valid now as they were then.

Stay tuned tomorrow for part two!

Get Guilty by AC Newman (original review [warning, on the lamelivejournals])
catchiest songwriter around?

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand by Franz Ferdinand (original review [warning, on the lamelivejournals])
full of surprises

The Beat Stuff EP by Hannah Georgas (original review[ku])
can't wait for a full length

The Happiness Project by Charles Spearin (original review)
most interesting album of the year

Middle Cyclone by Neko Case (original review [warning, on the lamelivejournals])
unparallelled voice

Three by Joel Plaskett (original review [warning, on the lamelivejournals])
not many artists could pull off a triple disk

The Hazards of Love by The Decemberists (original review)
is there a more epic word than epic?

Calm Awaits by Black Diamond Bay (original review)
patrick krief is my new hero

Fantasies by Metric (original review)
a culmination of their strengths

Battles On by The Ghost Is Dancing (original review)
criminally under-looked.

So, what do you think so far? Agree? Disagree? Think I missed something major? Just like to complain? Let me know!