Originally I wanted to review every album I bought/otherwise listened to last year. Clearly, I've slacked on that. Partially cos there have been a lot of albums that, for whatever reason, I don't feel like writing a full review for. So what I have decided to do is give a few really quick reviews all at once.... in haiku form. Here we go!
And I'm almost done my reviews for 09 albums! Just a few more to go!

Skin of Evil by Blackout Beach (Carey Mercer [Frog Eyes, Swan Lake] solo project)
Theatrical tale
Of "Donna" and her lovers
Quite captivating

Download The Whistle by Blackout Beach

...And The Ever Expanding Universe by The Most Serene Republic
More focused than last
A sonic wall of awesome
The title fits well.

Download Vessels of a Donor Look by The Most Serene Republic
Or watch the awesome video for Heavens to Purgatory

Friends & Total Strangers by The Trews (Live acoustic album)
Stripped down, acoustic
Much better than expected
Shows their true talent

Download Den of Thieves by The Trews