3am Mixtapes: Episode Four: Drinking Times

Hey look, it's another episode of 3am Revelations' very own podcast!

Each week on 3am Mixtapes, I will present to you, in my dulcet tones, the Top Six Songs of a certain subject. The topics can be as broad and vague and Best Summer Songs, or they can be as obscure and specific as Best Autumn Song.

This week, we look at booze. As long as there has been drinking, there have been drinking songs. So this week, I give you the Top Six Alcohol Songs. Whether it's a full on night out of imbibing, or just a couple of beers with chums, every good round of drinking needs a good drinking playlist.

Featured on this week's podcast is:

"L'Absinthe" by The Matinée
"Rum & Tequila" by The Tom Fun Orchestra
"Slow Descent into Alcoholism" by The New Pornographers
"Alcohol" by Barenaked Ladies
"Let's Get Incredibly Drunk on Whiskey" by Memphis
"The Power of Positive Drinking" by The Trews

Any questions or comments or criticisms or suggestions for future themes are welcome!

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