3am Mixtapes: Episode Fifty Three: Upcoming Albums

Each week on the 3am Mixtapes podcast, I will share with you the Top Six Songs of a certain subject. The topics can be as general like best of 2006. Some might be a little more... specific. Top Six Bands Named Someone and the Somethings.

This week is a pretty straightforward list. Now that we're out of the summer drought, a lot of great music will be coming out in the next little while, so I figured I'd take a listen at some things I am really excited or intrigued by. It's the Top Six Upcoming Albums!

Get excited for:

"My Favourite Faded Fantasy" by Damien Rice
"Make Make" by WIL
"Happy Idiot" by TV On The Radio
"Kintsukuroi" by Hey Rosetta!
"From the Night" by Stars
"PSI" by Lydia Ainsworth

Any questions or comments or waffles or criticisms or suggestions for future themes are welcome!

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