3am Mixtapes: Episode Forty Five: 3:33

Each week on the 3am Mixtapes podcast, I will share with you the Top Six Songs of a certain subject. The topics can be as general like best songs from 2004. Some might be a little more... specific. Top Six Songs Featuring a Guest Appearance From Serena Ryder.

And this week is the Top Six Songs Clocking In at Three Minutes and Thirty Three Seconds! Why 3:33? Why that specific time? Allow me to answer that with a resounding: why not?

With these tunes:

"How Darwinian" by Dan Mangan
"She's The Source" by The Ladies & Gentlemen
"In Case We Die (parts 1-4)" by Architecture in Helsinki
"Magic" by Two Hours Traffic
"Place Called Love" by Little Red
"If You Think Your God Is Dead" by Sit Down, Servant!!

Any questions or comments or waffles or criticisms or suggestions for future themes are welcome!

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