3am Mixtapes: Episode Sixteen: Crush Mixtape

Each week on the 3am Mixtapes podcast, I will share with you the Top Six Songs of a certain subject. The topics can be as general like best supergroups. Or some might be a little more... esoteric. Top Six Bands Named After Places That They're Not From.

And this week, we reminisce about putting together a selection of songs for someone you might just fancy.The Top Six Song To Put on a Mixtape for Someone You have a Crush On. Using music to woo someone is as old as music itself, and maybe you remember putting on some songs and just hoping that the person listening gets the deeper meaning?

This week the tunage is provided by:

"Faster for You" by Two Hours Traffic
"On Top Of Your Love" by Royal Wood
"Skinny Boy" by Amy Millan
"New Slang" by The Shins
"Hands Down" by Dashboard Confessional
"Springtime" by Wintermitts

Any questions or comments or waffles or criticisms or suggestions for future themes are welcome!

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