Oddly Specific Mix. Volume Two.

This post is all Leigh's fault.
A little while ago (ok, a long while ago) I did an "Oddly Specific Driving Mix" that was Driving at dusk on a really nice & warm day with the windows rolled down. I had teased more Oddly Specific playlists, but never really followed through. And then today, I got the following tweet.
@kirkofdoom I need to make an Oddly Specific Playlist for a gray spring day in Vancouver when the traffic outside sounds like the ocean
And so that got the hamster wheel spinning at top speed, and I came up with a collection of songs what were kind of chill, but not too mellow. The kind of songs you'd be listening to on a grey, but not miserable day. It's calm, but there is something just under the surface waiting to break through -- much like the weather on a Vancouver spring day.
  1. The Sun by Aidan Knight
  2. This is Easy by Dead Child Star
  3. Next Train by Miracle Fortress
  4. Television Set by Joel Plaskett
  5. On The Hood by Matt Mays & El Torpedo
  6. Bystander (acoustic) by Jets Overhead
  7. Calm Before The Storm by Imaginary Cities
  8. Galactic Tides by The Dears
  9. Night Windows by The Weakerthans
  10. Please Forgive Me by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  11. Ease Your Mind by Shaun Verreault
Much like the last one -- or any playlist I make, really -- the track ordering was carefully crafted, with the flow of the songs in mind (because I'm music-OCD like that). So if you download the handy zip file located right below, then make sure you listen in the "correct" order!
At least once. Then you can listen in whatever order you want, all willy nilly.

Download it here.

Enjoy, and if you have any suggestions for future instalments of Oddly Specific Driving Mixes, let me know!