Musical Roots: The New Pornographers

Regular readers (all nine of you) may know I am currently schooling at BCIT, in the Radio Broadcast program. In our second, and final, year we take over the station Evolution1079*. At the station we are given rotating jobs every week, and a couple weeks ago I was tasked with Musical Roots; a 45 minute 'Ongoing History Of New Music' type program, where we take a close look at a particular topic. Because these ran at 11pm on a week when our streaming was down, and because I put a lot of work into these (wrote, voiced, produced... did everything myself) I would like to share it with you, fine reader, as a podcast.

This is the third of four episodes, which will released on a [hopefully] weekly basis in the next month. While the first two were more a chronological history of the featured acts, this one is a little different. This week I take a look at not only The New Pornographers, but also all the things that go to make up the band. All of the various members other bands; AC Newman, Neko Case, Destroyer, Immaculate Machine, Limblifter, Fancey and The Evaporators. And then of course, a look at The New Pornos themselves. The feature is in three 15 minute segments, and that is how I present them to you. In streaming or downloadable options.

I hope you enjoy it, and I would very much welcome any sort of feedback you may have (positive or negative), either commented here or through the emails at: 3amRevelations [at] gmail [dot] com.

Download The New Pornographers Part One

Download The New Pornographers Part Two

Download The New Pornographers Part Three

*If you enjoy this blog and do not know of this station, I suggest you give it a listen. We play a lot of awesome music, and I don't just say this because I am the current music director.