Gigs Of The Week: November 13 - 19, 2015

Every Friday, 3am Revelations give you our picks for some of the fantastic live shows happening in and around our city of Vancouver.
There's much more going on all the time, which you can check out in our concert calendar.
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Kirk's Pick

Who? Matthew Good
Where? Vogue Theatre
When? Novembers 13 AND 14
Why? One of my all-time favourites Matt Good plays not one, but TWO nights at the Vogue Theatre this weekend, in support of his newest album Chaotic Neutral.

Jessica's Pick

Who? Taylor Swift Tribute Night! featuring The Wild Romantics, Savvie, Gina Loes, Shylo Sharity, Jocelyn Price, Windmills, The Reponse & Sarah Jickling and her Good Bad Luck
Where? The Biltmore Cabaret
When? Wednesday, November 18
Why? Local bands giving it up for an all-star pop queen sounds like my favourite dream where I never want to wake up - but this time it's for real!

Christine's Pick

Who? Rich Aucoin, with The Elwins
Where? Fox Cabaret
When? Friday November 13 aka TONIGHT!
Why? My amazing birthday week of music continues! Come dance and get sweaty under the parachute with me tonight, for the always spectacular Rich Aucoin, and bonus, The Elwins are opening!

Shows of September

Well, I haven't done this in a while, but after a bit of a summer lull, the concert season is back with a vengeance in the next few months, with September packed full of top notch shows. So here are a few I'm looking forward to...

September 15th: Rich Aucoin at the Biltmore
Regular readers (all seventeen of you) will understand why this is my most anticipated show of the month. Rich Aucoin's live shows are unparalleled; incredible energy, great audience participation, and more fun than you can possibly imagine.

September 29th: Bloc Party at the Vogue
After a bit of a hiatus, Bloc Party has finally returned with a new album, and accompanying tour. It's been three and a half years since I last saw them live, so I'm a little anxious -- both to see them, and to see if they live up to how great they were live previously (which, I'm sure they will be)

September 14th: Royal Canoe & Patrick Krief at the Waldorf
Royal Canoe is another favourite live band, and when you add Patrick Krief -- formerly Black Diamond Bay, Dears member and one of Canada's best guitarists -- to the bill, this is one show not to miss.

September 27th: Limblifter with Acres of Lions at Venue
Confession time: I've never seen Limblifter live. Or even Ryan Dahle when he struck of into his own solo career. I am fairly certain this isn't going to be the original lineup, but I'm sure it'll still be a blast of good ol' 90s CanCon Alt Rock. Plus, Acres of Lions is opening, and they're always fun to see live.

Thursdays starting September 13th: Peak Performance Project Showcases at the Red Room
The Peak Performance Project is back this year with an all new (well, mostly) group of bands. The showcases, which run for five Thursdays (skipping the 27th) are not just to introduce the public to this year's crop, but the bands will be judged on their live shows as one of the criteria to determine the winner.

There are a bunch more shows, too (check the sidebar), but these are the five I am most looking forward to. See you there?