Interview: Real Ponchos

Scattered across the Northerh Hemisphere, country-rock outfit Real Ponchos will be assembling on Friday night (Feb 10th) for a good old fashioned night of live music celebrating their same-day release To the Dusty World. Though they've been playing together since at least 2013, the last few years have seen Emlyn move internationally to Scotland, and Emile to the quiet coastal Maine Island, but the musical chemistry is a strong enough thread to keep the band tied together despite the distance. If you haven't heard Real Ponchos before, check out their new single & album on Bandcamp below. They straddle the modern frontier of country music and the tradition of the genre in perfect balance. The music evokes the beautiful landscape and mood of the geography for which it's named - way out in the rolling hills and big sky of the country side. 

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Interview: Gold & Shadow

Just off of their second Western Canada tour, and before Dane LeTourneau left for Europe, Jess caught the frontman of Gold & Shadow on the phone long enough to chat music, touring life, the Birdhaus, and all about their hometown of Nanaimo, B.C. The band consists of Dane on keyboard and vocals, Jordan on guitar, and the rhythm powerhouse Jesse on bass and Wes on drums.

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Interview: Alexandria Maillot

This week, Jess spent some time with Alexandria Maillot chatting, listening to records, and playing with her adorable turtle, Porridge. Tomorrow, Maillot's first full-length album, Time comes out. If you haven't heard the singles 'Sunday Sara' or 'Time (on your Own)' yet - definitely stream them up! You'll find some music that's deeply recharging, refreshing, and pleasantly complex. If you like it, don't miss her on June 18th at the Biltmore Cabaret! Here's how our conversation went.

Jess: What makes this album be considered ‘the first’ since you have other music available?

Alex: I released my EP in 2012 which was an amalgamation of songs that I’d written and recorded over several years. I started writing it when I was 12 or 13 and I released it when I was 19 and it was mainly so I had something that I could start with. There was the Peak Performance Project that I wanted to apply for so I released the album so I’d have something to have. It’s the first album with one consistent theme and that was sort of written and recorded in a timeframe under one mindset. It was an album that was conceptualized before the studio and so we were in the studio, and we recorded it sort of with more continuity with something like my last EP.

Jess: What's the theme?

Alex: It’s kind of aptly named ...

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