Gigs of the Week: October 04 - October 10, 2019

Every Friday 3am Revelations give you our picks for some of the fantastic live shows happening in and around our city of Vancouver.
What are you seeing this week? Let us know in the comments below.

Kirk's Pick


Who? Conversations with Nick Cave
Where? Massey Theatre (in New West)
When? Thursday, October 10
Why? I hope you already have your tickets, because this “evening of talk & music” with one of the best songwriter & performers has been sold out for AGES.  

Christine's Pick


Who? PUP
Where? The Vogue Theatre
When? Tuesday Oct 8th and Wednesday Oct 9th
Why? Two nights of pure pop-punk fun. I’ve been waiting for these shows for such a long time, and after repping these boys at Polaris (and missing their songs because Jury Duty), I cannot wait to hear the new music live. See ya there!