Artist of the Week: Kalle Mattson

A big congratulations to Ottawa artist Kalle Mattson for the release of his brand new EP, Avalanche, this week. On Aug 21, you'll be able to purchase this album, an explosive string of emotion bombs, jumpy piano and the unique voice of Mattson himself. The songs explore the landscape of pop-rock, pulling elements & inspiration from chart-topping hits as well as obscure indie rock. Next week Kalle leaves on a fall & winter tour that will bring him across Canada, the USA, and western Europe. Catch him in Vancouver at Guilt & Co on October 5. 

On top of a great album and expansive tour, Kalle Mattson has also attracted some attention when CBC Music made his newest music video into a game. Well, Mattson set that one up. The video for the title track "Avalanche" pays homage to a ton of famous album covers - see which ones you can spot and check what everyone else saw in the comments of the CBC Music post.