Artist of the Week: Teen Daze

One of my favourite artists to watch over the past few years has been Teen Daze. Between an aesthetically satisfying blog about the interesting things in his life, the unpredictable remixes, and slight mis-match between his live shows & recordings, it's been quite a ride. His songs are lush and sexy, built on a technical foundation that would please any music teacher.

Morning World came out on August 14, complete with a stream on NPR. Teen Daze's website flags a pop-up for listeners & readers that it was a quick effort: 10 days of recording vs. the months and months poured into his other albums. The music itself sounds anything but rushed. It's a patient collection, floating between soft vocals about dreaming and drifting and long instrumental interludes with such a surprising collection of sounds that it'll make you suspect that some of them aren't instruments at all. I hope you'll understand why Teen Daze stands to be one of my favourite artists in Vancouver, and in Jamieson's words,

"It’s an important record to me for lots of reasons, and I hope it finds its way into your heart."

Check out Teen Daze's Vancouver album release show at Fortune Soundclub on September 12. Tickets are available here - early show! Don't dilly dally. 7-1o:30, tickets are $13.