Gigs of the Week: November 01 - November 07, 2019

Every Friday 3am Revelations give you our picks for some of the fantastic live shows happening in and around our city of Vancouver.
What are you seeing this week? Let us know in the comments below.

Kirk's Pick


Who? Hollerado
Where? Commodore Ballroom
When? Saturday November 2nd
Why? Here it is, Vancouver. Your last chance ever to see Hollerado live! (Unless you travel to another town on the final leg of the tour, I guess…)

Christine's Pick


Who? Louise Burns
Where? Biltmore Cabaret
When? Thursday November 7th (MY BIRTHDAY)
Why? Well, since it’s my birthday, and Louise is awesome, I command it. But seriously, you should definitely see her perform….and buy me a drink.