Gigs Of The Week: February 03 - 09, 2017

Every Friday 3am Revelations give you our picks for some of the fantastic live shows happening in and around our city of Vancouver.
There's much more going on all the time, which you can check out in our concert calendar.
What are you seeing this week? Let us know in the comments below.

Kirk's Pick

Who? Louise Burns w/ Holy Hum
Where? The Lido
When? Saturday February 4th
Why? A free Louise Burns show to celebrate her new album, located just down the block from my house? Yes please! 


Christine's Pick

Who? Sam Roberts & Hollerado
Where? The Orpheum
When? Tuesday February 7th
Why? That's a hell of a lineup. It's been quite a long time since I've seen either of these bands (esp. outside of festivals), so both together? Yes please. Look out, roof of the Orpheum!

Jessica's Pick

Who? Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Where? The Imperial
When? Saturday, Feb 4th
Why? Beautiful tunes from across the pond. A calming night in the middle of everyone's busy lives.