Gigs Of The Week: November 11 - 17, 2016

Every Friday 3am Revelations give you our picks for some of the fantastic live shows happening in and around our city of Vancouver.
There's much more going on all the time, which you can check out in our concert calendar.
What are you seeing this week? Let us know in the comments below.

Kirk's Pick

Who? The Trews
Where? Commodore
When? Saturday, Oct 12
Why? One of the most rockin' live bands in Canada returns to the Commodore this weekend. 


Christine's Pick

Who? Donovan Woods & Joey Landreth
Where? Fox Cabaret
When? Friday November 11 (tonight!)
Why? Donovan Woods and Joey Landreth (of The Bros. Landreth) bring the "Ain't Troubled Tour" to Vancouver, borrowing the name from Donovan's latest album Hard Settle, Ain't Troubled. Hope your heart strings are ready to be plucked!

Jessica's Pick


Who? Animals as Leaders
Where? Commodore Ballroom
When? Wednesday, Nov 16th
Why? Excuse me while I get real prog-rock all up in here. My younger self is so excited for this post-rock/jazz/metal/mesh band that I had a love phase with. Definitely worth checking out for their experimental genius, plus their fourth album was just released so there's plenty of music new and old to soak in.