Artist of the Week: Rah Rah

They're back and with more galloping-paced, perfectly-suited-for-yelling choruses, and weidly cute semi-romantic lyrics: it's Rah Rah with their new album Vessels.

This Regina quintet has shoved every once of their energy into this recording, it's filled to the brim with bright sounds.  Personally, I can't wait to listen to it enough that it's memorized and sing along while driving in the early morning - Rah Rah has always been one of my favourites for that. I love that there's distinctive male & female parts, making it more of a banter than a one-way dialogue. I love that cheeky feeling of knowing that the drums & bass chug along in perfect time on the record, but in the live show this will be re-mixed up to alow for members to switch instruments, each adding their own flair.

Check out the single, Chip Off the Heart, below. It's a dance anthem that will get your feet and hips moving.

You can stream the album on CBC First Play and pre-order it on iTunes, CD or vinyl before it's September 11th release. They play Vancouver on November 20th with Dear Rouge, tickets are $18.50 here.