Peak Performance Project: Year Three

It's that time of year again. Time for the Peak Performance Project to kick off. The competition is a multi-year contest in which The Peak, along with Music BC, picks 20 BC musicians/bands and puts them through a "professional development program to help new and emerging artists create careers in the music industry". They go to a rock n roll bootcamp, play a series of shows, get some money to help them and are given radio time, all to help them further their career.

The first year it was won by We Are The City, with The Left and Bend Sinister rounding out the top three, and last year it was taken by Kyprios, with Said The Whale and Vince Vaccaro getting second and third. And both years it has included some fantastic artists, some that were already established and some that, I personally became a fan of after discovering them in the competition. 

So without further rambling, here is this years Peak Performance Project Top 20!

Acres of Lions
Ashleigh Eymann
Behind Sapphire
Current Swell
David Vertesi Unfortunately, due to schedule conflicts, Vertesi is no longer able to compete... no word yet on a replacement.
Fields of Green
Hilary Grist
Jasper Sloan Yip
Lindsay Bryan
Redgy Blackout
Sex With Strangers (replacing David Vertesi)
The Belle Game
The Boom Booms
The Matinee
The Never Surprise
The Oh Wells
41st and Home

A few of those were expected, a few of those were surprises. A couple repeats, some familiar, some unknowns... A few I am already pulling for, but super excited to hear what everyone has to offer.
First event is Canada Day in Surrey, where every single band will be playing throughout the day!