The 2010 Polaris Music Prize goes to...

Les Chemins De Verre by Karkwa!
Anyone who follows the blog closely (both of you), or people who follow me on the twitters, or see my ramblings on the CBC Radio 3 blog should have an idea of how ecstatic I am right now. This has been one of my favourite albums so far this year, and I have been a huge fan of Karkwa in general since I first saw them live. I fell in love with this album immediately, and it has done nothing but grown on me.
The last few years of Polaris had, to be frank, left me wanting. So even though I very much wanted Karkwa to walk away with the prize (the only person I would be okay beating them would be the Nice, Nice, Very Nice Mr. Dan Mangan), I did not think in the least that they would be the recipients of the $20,000 prize. I have never been so glad to be proven wrong. But I feel that I am just fanboy-rambling now, so I'll wrap it up.
The best thing about this? Now people outside of Quebec know who they are. And deservedly so.
Oh, that, and hopefully now they'll tour a little more, and come back to Vancouver for a show.

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Thank you, Polaris Music Prize. You and your grand jury have chosen, what is in my humble opinion, the best album.