Hello friends, and welcome to my brand new music blog.
Some of you may know my from my previous blog: http://gala_pope.livejournal.com, but I have decided to set out from LJ's lameness and venture into the more respectable world of blogger.
If this is your first time reading, go ahead and check out the above link to see the music archives. Go for it. I'll wait here and won't do anything entertaining until you're back, I promise.
Ok? Good.
In this blog you will find much of what I had in my previous incarnation: live show reviews, album reviews (of which I am a month or so behind on, so expect a few to come rapid fire soon... I hope), Random Top Six lists, Reviewku's (reviews in haiku form). And hopefully I will throw in some new things, too. Random music news, perhaps. Some videos or songs out of the blue. Perhaps even some rantings!
Anyway, stay tuned and enjoy what is to come!

In the meantime, though, check out the sidebar. Aside from the obvious upcoming shows & albums, you can see some nifty last.fm things, like my listening habits from the last week. Or neatest of all, at the top left, you can listen to "my" radio station! check it out!