!!! (Chk Chk Chk) @ Fox Cabaret -- 06/28/17

As someone who doesn't (read: can't) dance, there are really only a handful of bands that can get me to move more than just the standard Leg-Shake-Foot-Tap and Head-Bob moves. One of those bands is Sacramento's !!! (or Chk Chk Chk if you're trying to say it out loud). Hot off their new album Shake the Shudder, they returned to Vancouver for a show at the Fox Cabaret. 

The five members of !!! were joined by singer Meah Pace, who features on the new album, to get the dance party started with "NRGQ". Clad in a sport coast and shorts, Nic Offer (who I feel is exempt from the No Shorts On Stage rule) soon doffed the coat and lost half the buttons on his shirt, just by sheer movement.
They worked through their discography from new songs like "Dancing is the Best Revenge" (one of my favourite song titles of the year) to older ones, including the vitriolic & explosive "Pardon My Freedom" from '04's Louden Up Now. Other highlights included "Our Love (U Can Get)", showcasing the great blend of vocals between Offer and Pace, the ridiculously fun "Freedom! '15", and the thumping rhythm of "One Girl/One Boy".
Both Offer & Pace were dancing their faces off the entire time, but especially Nic who barely stood still for a minute. Back and forth across the stage, strutting and grooving, even coming into the crowd a few times, Offer was a ball of energy, constantly in motion. 
An hour flew by as they brought the set to a close on the soulful "The One 2", Pace's voice soaring through the theatre, as they were back out for one more in the encore, with the funky "Slyd". 

One of the most flat out fun live bands you'll see, !!! puts on a live set that will get even the most awkward dancing, and promise everyone will leave a sweaty mess and a giant grin on their face. 

All U Writers
Pardon My Freedom
Our Love (U Can Get)
DITBR (interlude)
Dancing Is the Best Revenge
Throttle Service
Freedom! '15
One Girl/One Boy
The One 2